Cases of children suffering from their parents’/carers’ drug abusive behavior in the past 3 years

Cases of children suffering from their parents’/carers’ drug abusive behavior in the past 3 years

Year Case details
2015 The 2 mothers who are siblings living together in the same apartment in Ho Man Tin were arrested for deliberatively abusing their 2 sons. The 2 boys were 3 years old and 3 months old respectively. Their urine samples were found to contain drugs. The 3-year-old victim is put under the care of Po Leung Kuk, while the other boy is now taken care by his relatives.
2015 A drug abuse woman went out for fun and asked her drug abuse boyfriend to take care of her 9-year-old daughter. Her daughter went out leaving her key at home. When she returned, no one answered the door, so she had to spend the night at her neighbor’s home. The next day, the neighbor couldn’t contact the girl’s mother and called the police. The police at last found the girl’s mother and her boyfriend together at home with some drug paraphernalia. The girl is under the care of Social Welfare Department.
2015 A woman brought her 2 daughters to Tuen Mun Hospital, claiming that she had no money to raise the children. The hospital discovered that they hadn’t received vaccinations for a long time, and helped them to do blood testing. The mother later appeared and forcefully took the 2 girls away. The hospital also discovered that the urine sample of the elder sister contained methamphetamine. So they called the police. Since the married couple has a history of domestic violence, the police considered applying for a Care or Protection Order and handing the two girls to the care of Social Welfare Department.
2014 A drug abuse single mother left her 7-week-old son at her home in Kwai Chung and found him dead after returning home 3 hours later. The police discovered a small amount of Methamphetamine at her home. The urine sample of the boy also contained drug. The forensic pathologist at last decided that the cause of death was unknown. However, the boy may have absorbed Methamphetamine from his clothes and skin. The other 2 sons of the mother are under the care of their relatives.
2014 A middle-aged, unemployed man Chau abused his 9-year-old son for 2 times after breaking up with his cohabitated girlfriend. He violently shook his son upside down, and put Methamphetamine into his milk. A Care or Protection Order was applied to the boy, and he is under the care of Social Welfare Department.
2014 A boy from the mainland visited his relatives at Tsing Yi Cheung Wang Estate with a two-way permit. He was alleged to have mistaken the green Methadone as wheatgrass juice and drank it. He vomited afterwards and fainted.
2014 A 30-year-old single mother suffered from illusion after taking Methamphetamine and thought that her boyfriend was attacking her daughter, so she grabbed her daughter in fear, escaped to a container house near her home in Tai Po and dropped her daughter from the top of a 2-meter-high staircase, thinking that someone would catch her below. The passerby called the police. The girl’s right knee was bruised.
2013 A woman scattered Ketamine on the floor when she was taking drugs at home, causing her 1-year-old son to take the drugs accidentally. The boy is under foster care as arranged by Social Welfare Department.
2013 A drug abuse, unemployed man took Methamphetamine at home. It was alleged that he didn’t wash his hands after taking drugs, causing his son to suffer from Eczema on his face. The hospital later discovered Methamphetamine and Ketamine in the boy’s body. Fortunately, the boy was fine at the end. He is put under the care of Po Leung Kuk.

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