Handling Procedures in HK ― Risk Assessment

Handling Procedures in HK ― Risk Assessment

Decision Making in Risk Assessment Process

  • Whether the child is in immediate danger or future risk of abuse.
  • What social services, actions, or support system are necessary to protect the child during the investigation.
  • Whether or not the child must be removed from home for his / her protection.
  • What initial action plan is needed to address the factors that are placing the child at risk.
  • What modifications, if any, must be made to the action plan to further reduce risk and enhance safety of the child.
  • When it is safe to return a child home, if the child has been removed.
  • When sufficient care is being provided that would support case closure.

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Risk Factors

Factors Variables

Precipitating incident

  • Severity and / or frequency of abuse
  • Location of injury on body
  • History of abuse

Assessment on child

  • Child’s age, physical and / or mental abilities
  • Perpetrator’s access to child
  • Child’s behaviour and mental well being
  • Interaction between child and carer
  • Child’s interaction with siblings, peers and others

Assessment on carer

  • Carer’s capacity for child care
  • Interaction between child and carer
  • Interaction between carers
  • Carer’s parenting skills / knowledge
  • Carer’s substance / alcohol abuse
  • Carer’s criminal behaviour
  • Carer’s emotional and mental health

Family assessment

  • Family interactions / relationship
  • Strength of family / support systems
  • History of abuse / neglect in family
  • Presence of a parent substitute in the home
  • Progress of child / family in treatment

The risk assessment criteria in the medical field.


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